Before my boys started judo lessons, I had no idea what the sport was all about. But now, after about 5 years of watching my boys, Daniel and Ben, at their judo lessons, as well as hearing them talk about it at home, I’m amazed at how much judo has taught them. 

Firstly, it’s a wonderful outlet and channel for their boundless energy! They come home calm in the evenings after a good physical work out. Their strength and fitness grows by the week!  
It’s a sport that focuses a lot on (self) discipline. Many times, in our parenting, we use the example of judo to teach our boys lessons about self leadership, showing respect to others and controlling our actions. 

Another huge lesson judo teaches our boys is how to persevere during difficulties. Resilience is a skill so many children need to learn in this day and age, and judo is an amazing tool to teach that. 

The boys love the games played before and after the lesson. These often involve team work. Learning happens best when children are having fun. And what better way to build up a child’s confidence than in a safe and fun environment with judo meesters leading by example, also having fun?

We are very grateful that we found judo! Thank you to Ewoud, Jay and Jonathan for all their input.